No Physical Term Life Insurance

Written by Jason Fisher

One of the most popular types of insurance in 2014 is no physical term life insurance.

Let’s face it, people everywhere are willing to pay for convenience, and they don’t want to waste their time. Especially when it comes to buying a life insurance policy.

If you want no physical term life insurance today, you’re in the right spot. If you qualify, we can get you covered faster than anyone else. Did you know you could get life insurance while pregnant or even life insurance for people with lupus? We can help answer your questions.

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Not been to the doctor in a long time? This might save you a trip there, as well.

No Physical Term Life Insurance

No Physical Term Life InsuranceGetting good, quality coverage at an affordable rate is a must. Doing so without undergoing a medical exam is a matter of preference. Some people don’t mind it, while others can’t stand it. There are a few advantages as well as disadvantages when looking to buy this type of coverage, but what you prefer will be the deciding factor.

Life insurance with no exam is primarily found among only a few reputable carriers. Not every company is willing to take on the risk of not requiring a physical before being approved. Because the insurance company is going to approve you for coverage based on limited information, it’s overall risk for this type of no physical term life insurance takes a drastic increase.

The only way an insurance company can take on a higher risk, is be aggregating everyone in the risk pool together, and charging a higher price. The premium will increase according to the amount of risk. Because of this, if you decide you do want to buy a no physical term life insurance policy, you’ll find you may end up paying just a little more for the convenience.

It could, however, actually save you money. Here’s how:

John Smith hasn’t been to the doctor in a while, and his wife is really nagging him about buying a life insurance policy. He finally hoped online to read about his options for coverage, but discovered he would need not only to undergo an exam, but provide a history of his own health as well.

John Smith’s family has a history of high blood pressure and he is concerned he may also, along with having a higher BMI which could affect life insurance. Let’s face it, he’s not a gym rat, and doesn’t focus on what he eats every single meal. After doing some research, he finds he can buy life insurance with no physical, but the price is just a little higher than the best rates he could find elsewhere.

He calls an independent agent, just to inquire a little more to make sure he’s making the right choice in going with the cheaper insurance. But as it turns out, the agent noted to him that he could get a worse rating than what appears on the monitor. His range of premiums for the fully underwritten policy could be as little as $50/month, but they could rise over $100/month if he does have hypertension issues.

The no physical term life insurance policy was $70/month. After some deliberation, he decides to not only play the safe bet here, but get the coverage he needs in far less time by going with the no exam policy.

Now this may not be your exact situation, but do understand your current and historical health come into play if you decide to purchase a fully underwritten policy. If you are unsure of your health, or haven’t been to the doctor in a very long time, you may want to seek out a no physical term life insurance policy.

Once you find coverage, and you’re able to get approved, you can always try to go through the medical underwriting in the future. Let’s say John Smith here decided to join a basketball league at his local recreation center, and he got into great shape. If so, he could apply the following year for a normal term life insurance policy and save himself a few dollars.

If for some reason he discovered something else, no worries there either. He can continue to pay for the policy he already has for as long as the duration lasts.

No physical term life insurance policies aren’t for everyone, but if you feel it could be something you might be able to utilize, contact us today for a free quote. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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