Hypertension And Life Insurance

Written by Jason Fisher

Hypertension Life Insurance

If you suffer from any form of hypertension, you’re among a very large, and growing, crowd. And if you’re in the hunt for a life insurance, hypertension may have an impact, too.

Depending on the level of control, hypertension and life insurance approval can be very simple, or be a high risk.

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We know which companies to work with, and you should know, too.

Choosing the right carrier, if you suffer from any form of hypertension, will make a huge impact on how expensive, or how cheap, you’re life insurance rates will be.

If you’re looking for life insurance and hypertension is a concern for you, look no further.

Dealing With Hypertension and Life Insurance

Hypertension, more commonly referred to as high blood pressure, is a condition which millions of Americans deal with every day. Hypertension is when your blood requires an extra push to move through the arteries, which creates additional work for the heart.

The higher the blood pressure, the more work your body has to do in order to keep blood moving effectively throughout your circulatory system.

This has an impact on applying for life insurance because hypertension can have last effects on the body, resulting in damage to organs and the formation of additional health concerns. Hypertension, if not managed properly, can lead to:

All of these high risk conditions create a greater probability of a shortened life expectancy, meaning you are a greater cause of concern to an insurance company. Depending on how well you have maintained your blood pressure to normal levels, other conditions (if any) which have developed, and how long you have been dealing with it, a carrier may consider you a small risk to a decline.

The good news is, the most common cases of hypertension and life insurance have little to no impact. This is because over 95% of all hypertension cases are considered primary, meaning there are no other signs of damage as a result of the high blood pressure. [1]

Applying For Life Insurance With Hypertension

Dealing with hypertension and applying for life insurance don’t have to be a hassle. Here’s what you need to know in order to have a successful buying process:

  1. Deal with an independent agent who can find the right carrier to match you and your situation
  2. Be sure to have your blood pressure under control as best as possible
  3. Have any medications you’re taking on hand to report to your agent and the underwriter
  4. Prepare to show evidence you’re doing what’s necessary to limit or eradicate symptoms of hypertension

These four steps will allow you to have the greatest chance of getting the life insurance policy you’re looking for, and keeping your premiums at the best possible rates.

Dealing with an independent agent means you’re dealing with someone like us, who deals with a large amount of insurance companies, not just one. Each company will view hypertension differently, especially when coupled with older age and other conditions which might be of concern.

Having your blood pressure under control at the time of application is key as well. You will need to have a medical exam completed and your blood pressure will be tested. If you test outside of normal, controlled ranges, this could limit your ability to get any discounts on your premiums. If you feel you need to seek a no medical exam life insurance policy or million dollar life insurance then we can help you with that as well.  There are many options for those with health issues, such as life insurance policies while coping with COPD.

It’s okay if you take medications to regulate your blood pressure, but you’ll need to give full disclosure up front when applying. We ask our clients for every detail, including the name of the medication, how long you’ve been taking it, how many times per day you take it, how many milligrams your prescription is for, whether or not you’ve had to increase or decrease your dosage, and many other items.

Last, if you can prove you’re doing everything you can to limit the hypertension, this will go over well with the underwriters reviewing your application. Things like eating a healthy diet, a healthy weight loss if necessary, a good exercise regimen, and limiting environmental risks are all items they may look for. Even with health issues such as obesity you can still be approved for life insurance for overweight individuals; let our professionals help you today.

Advanced Hypertension and Life Insurance

In some cases, we’ve dealt with more serious cases of hypertension, such as stage 2 hypertension or secondary hypertension.

If you’re blood pressure is beyond the range of stage 1 hypertension, you are an even greater risk for major medical conditions of the heart, kidney’s and other organs. You could also be suffering from hypertension as a result of something else previously, which is called secondary hypertension.

In these scenarios, you may be looking at a higher rating for life insurance because your hypertension is likely going to be associated to another condition which also affects the ability to qualify for a standard issue life insurance policy. Any time you have more than one health impairment, you’re seen as a higher risk to the carrier.

This only makes it more important to use an independent agent who specializes in higher risk life insurance, because knowing which carrier to apply to when dealing with multiple medical conditions makes all the difference. Two companies might look at hypertension the same, but when coupled with anything additional, one might be aggressive to issue it, while the other will not accept you.

Other Forms Of Hypertension

There are also other occurrences of hypertension which may require more specific underwriting practices. Here are a few:

While it’s a much smaller number, some women to deal with hypertension while going through pregnancy, and mothers who experience this are at a higher risk for both herself, and her baby. Typically, this is something which can go away, but it’s not always the case. These types of instances will usually be looked at on a case by case basis.

Hypertension in children is, unfortunately, becoming more of an issue as obesity is more common among children. A child can also be born with high blood pressure, but it’s a very small percentage as most pregnancies are well monitored and maintained.

Elderly citizens, or those over 6o years old, might also have additional risks involved if hypertension is an issue. As the body ages, regulating high blood pressure becomes more difficult, especially when exercise must be limited due to other health factors. The greatest concern for hypertension with the elderly is heart failure.

There are guaranteed issue life insurance policies which are, as the name implies, guaranteed to be issued as long as you answer a few very, very basic questions. They might not even require an exam of any type, which could be very advantageous if you have health concerns.

If you need more information, or have a specific question, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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eric van haaften

Great article on the subject of getting life insurance with high blood pressure. It is crazy that nearly 50% of all people in the United States are applying for life insurance with high blood pressure! As mentioned, getting great rates for life insurance with hypertension is normally not a problem assuming it is well controlled with medications. Good luck and happy selling in 2019!

January 13, 2019 at 7:30 pm
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