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TheLifeInsuranceBlog.com is the main resource to information regarding life insurance on the internet. We are knowledgeable across all the different types of life insurance, familiar with a vast array of carriers, and we are actual life insurance agents.

There are many websites (literally, thousands) which will offer you information on this kind of life insurance from this kind of company and that kind of life insurance from the other guy. This leads you, the consumer, to a giant rabbit hole of messy insurance sites.

We bring it all together, right here, neat and clean.

Our Unique Proposition To You

We will never sell you away as a lead to a service who then sells them to agents across the nation!

We also give you the quotes you’re looking for right here on this website. No follow-up 800 number calls, no insane e-mail spam. Compare premiums and companies without a shred of hassle. Already a relief, right?

We believe if we offer you everything you need, down to the penny your life insurance policy will cost you, from all the carriers who are offering it, you’ll be far better off. We know what it’s like to get a barrage of insurance agents after you trying to aggressively sell you a policy.

We know, because we’ve had to do it. And we hated it just as much as our clients did.

Why Choose Us?

No hassles. We will give you what you’re looking for immediately. If you can’t find it, or have a more particular case, we will take your phone call, no customer service line or robot menu to go through.

You can buy right now. We know the buying process for life insurance is lengthy, can require paperwork and long meetings at the kitchen table (yes, we’ve done this, too). We cut to the point. Almost everything can be accomplished in as little as 5-10 minutes, and this includes actually applying for a policy. All this, right from the comfort of the chair you’re sitting in.

Because of us. We are individually licensed, active agents. We aren’t a call center, or big box store. We just offer the benefits they have, with the personal touch of person who isn’t reading from a screen. We want to deliver personal service, because we to consider you a client, not a customer.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity.

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