Life Insurance With Heart Disease

Written by Jason Fisher

life insurance with heart disease

Finding affordable coverage is still be possible with bad heart health.

Heart disease affects a large number of Americans every year. It is a very broad category, and there are many, many different kinds of heart disease. If you’re looking for life insurance with heart disease, you’re in the right place.

We have the resources you’re looking for, whether you’ve had a heart attack, murmur, irregular heart beat, or one of the many other classifications of heart disease. Already been declined? Keep reading, because we may have a solution for you. Not only can we assist those with heart issues, but we can help in other areas as well such as trying to find life insurance with kidney disease, life insurance with COPD, or life insurance coverage that is hard to obtain due to lifestyle choices such as using marijuana or occupational issues. We are here for you!

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Life insurance with heart disease has as wide a range of ratings as it does classifications. Your condition might be easily insurable, or it may be quite difficult. In either case, we can do the dirty work for you. Keep reading to see if life insurance is obtainable for you and your particular situation.

Life Insurance With Heart Disease

Heart disease is a broad category. Applying for life insurance with heart disease will require you to get specific, giving us much detail about your condition as possible. There are a lot of key factors an underwriter will want to know before any type of rating can be determined. Those questions will be specific to you and your category of heart disease.

Here are some of the types of heart disease which could be a concern:

  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Bundle Branch Block
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Heart Attack
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Murmr
  • Pericarditis

Those are just a few, and even within these categories, each has its own set of underwriting guidelines to determine the severity and overall risk.

Heart disease is a big deal for a life insurance company. Life insurance deals with the probably of a person living to or outliving their lifespan. Because the heart is such an essential organ, some life insurance companies are very timid in offering any kind of life insurance to this type of risk. We work with over 50 life insurance companies, but when it comes to heart health, we usually lean on just 10 to 12 carriers who write most aggressively.

This gets you greater likelihood of a better rating, which not only gets you an approval but affordable coverage as well.

Just as a disclaimer up front, not everyone can qualify for traditionally underwritten life insurance with heart disease. Sometimes, it requires having to resort to a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, otherwise known as a graded life insurance policy. These are the types where is little or no underwriting and no exam involved. It’s literally guaranteed to be issued, yet it’s more expensive and has a few payout rules you’ll need to understand up front.

Other than the specific heart condition, there are some common items which can help or hurt your ability to qualify for a good life insurance policy. First, and foremost, is the rest of your health. Sometimes, believe it or not, your heart condition may not be your biggest concern. If you also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or something similar, the accumulation of all of them could be your major downfall.

Another thing of concern is the time frame in which you’re dealing with from the day of diagnosis to today. For the major heart health issues, your only option might be a guaranteed issue policy until you’re 5 years past the initial event. This is, of course, as long as you recovered well and have seen no other issues or symptoms arise. For the less major, you may have little or no time frame up to 2 years to wait.

If you have something like a defibrillator, you are probably not going to get any fully underwritten life insurance. Your option is now to look into either the graded life insurance policy, or take a look into something like an accidental death and dismemberment policy. These types of coverages may not fill your complete need, but something is better than nothing. You’re still able to leverage dollars now for dollars later.

If you’ve experienced an event with heart disease in the past, you may want to contact us to get more information to see if your specific condition is eligible for a policy. In most cases, we can help. We’ll walk  you through our efficient process to determine if a policy is suitable for you and your budget.

Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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