Online Life Insurance Quotes No Medical Exam

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Online Life Insurance Quotes No Medical Exam

Buying life insurance online is the fastest way to get covered.

Are you one of the thousands look for online life insurance quotes no medical exam required?

We are one of the few places you can actually get life insurance quotes over the internet before ever speaking to an agent. Many times, you have to jump through several hoops just to see what’s available.

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We understand your frustrations, and it’s our goal to help you make your purchase as quickly and as easily as possible.

Continue reading below to find out more about how we do this, or simply begin the process of getting your quote in the sidebar of this page.

Online Life Insurance Quotes No Medical Exam

Finding the best possible life insurance policy to protect you and your family is made easier than ever with the availability of online life insurance quotes. No medical exam policies make the purchase process even simpler, removing the necessary step required by most carriers involving a urinalysis and blood draw.

We offer the capability of not only seeing your life insurance quotes instantly, but we offer the no exam policies in addition to that as well. These two combined can allow you to not only get informed extremely fast, but have coverage in place in just a couple days (or even faster)!

What is a no medical exam life insurance policy?

The name implies quite exactly what it is. It’s a policy where you can skip the medical exam entirely. You can skip:

  • Unpleasant visits from the nurse
  • Inconveniences of needles for the blood draw
  • Peeing in a cup for the urinalysis
  • Longer wait times associated with processing

The typical wait time for a standard and fully underwritten policy is about 4 to 6 weeks, but by bypassing the medical, this can be drastically reduced to as little as just a couple days until your policy is issued.

While it sounds good, there are a couple downsides you need to be aware of.

  1. Higher premiums than if you can qualify for fully underwritten policies
  2. Maximum of $1,000,000 in coverage from one carrier (although you can get policies from more than one carrier)
  3. Possibility of less flexibility or less availability of riders

You must also be fairly healthy in order to qualify. If you have certain health conditions which require a more high risk life insurance policy, such as coping with diabetes or seeking life insurance coverage with liver disease, you likely will not be able to get a no medical policy. If this is the case, online life insurance quotes no medical exam may not be for you. Some health issues you may not even notice as a high risk, such as a high BMI which can affect your capability to get affordable coverage than others.

Who can get online life insurance quotes no medical exam?

The upper limit for age for online high risk life insurance quotes no medical exam is 65 years old. You can still find no exam policies for smaller coverage amounts, like final expense policies, but coverage amount is then limited to $25,000.

Again, we stress the importance of being fairly healthy to exceptionally healthy to get the best rates. While you may still be able to get accepted, if you can’t get some of the top rates, your cost per thousand will be significantly higher than if you were to get a traditional term life insurance policy.

If you need assistance with an online life insurance quotes no medical exam, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. Quotes are always fast, free and without obligation. All we require is basic information necessary for obtaining the quote.

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