Buy Term Life Insurance No Medical

Written by Jason Fisher

Term Life Insurance No Medical

No medical is required for some life insurance policies.

If you want to buy term life insurance no medical exam is required for certain policies! You read it right, no medical exam!

Whether you’re looking to have coverage much faster than normal, or you just prefer to skip the medical exam altogether, purchasing life insurance is easier now than ever before.

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No medical exam doesn’t mean you won’t still have to answer questions, but it does prevent you from having to meet with a nurse for the standard underwriting procedures.

If you want to buy term life insurance without a medical exam, you’re in the right place!

Buy Term Life Insurance No Medical Exam

If you’re like me, you prefer to stay away from needles where ever  possible!

Now, it’s possible when you buy term life insurance. No medical exam is required, but you’re still required to answer health questions, provide proof of responsible driving, and attest to the fact you’re not currently unhealthy or a high risk for other reasons.

There’s a few reasons someone might want to buy life insurance and skip the medical:

  • Need Life Insurance Fast
  • Hate The Medical Exams
  • Convenient
  • Affordable Premiums

If you need life insurance fast, going the traditional route and buying a fully underwritten life insurance policy can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks! Depending on your health, who you apply with, and how fast you can get everything done, the average is close to a month from application date to owning a policy with standard policies. It can take as little as a few hours for guaranteed issue policies, or just 72 hours for a no exam policy. If you need something fast for a loan, for example, a no exam policy might fit your needs perfectly.

If you simply hate the medical exams required by fully underwritten policies, and you don’t mind paying a couple bucks more than a standard policy, the no exam offer might be something for you to consider. You can skip the urinalysis, as well as the needles for the blood profile. This ties in to the convenience because you can not only skip having to carve out time for the exam, but usually you can approved much faster because you’re not having to wait for the results of the blood tests.

Term life insurance with no exam required isn’t totally a free lunch, though, but it’s still has very affordable premiums. Obviously, if the insurance company is requiring less of you to buy life insurance, they have to mitigate their risks by raising premiums a little across the board. Fortunately, the premium raise isn’t too much if you’re able to qualify for the best rates. If your main concern is in fact the absolute least possible premium, you’ll probably need to undergo the fully underwritten process to do so.

When NOT To Buy Term Life Insurance, No Medical

You Have Medical Conditions

If you have medical concerns, a no exam policy might not be an option for you. A no exam policy can be issued for someone with very minor health issues, but even some of the smallest of concerns can be a sizable increase in your premiums. If your current health or medical history warrants a full exam, you’ll want to go that route to avoid being declined for life insurance by a no exam carrier.

Finding The Cheapest Premium

While term life insurance with no exam is very affordable, it is possible to find even cheaper life insurance through a fully underwritten policy. But even to get these rates, you’ll have to have a very clean health profile, a superior driver’s record, and a family history which is not distressed with any major diseases. If you meet all of these qualifications, and you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer to get your insurance, you could save quite a bit of premium dollars over the long haul.

Time Doesn’t Matter

If you’re in no rush at all, and a needle is not a big deal to you, then a fully underwritten policy will be suitable to meet your needs. It will also give you the chance to get some of the discounts a fully underwritten policy provides. Remember, it could be a very long time of waiting, like 6 weeks, if you have multiple health considerations which a carrier has to review, or multiple doctor’s records it will need to access.

If you need life insurance immediately, you may want to give us a call to see if you can buy term life insurance, no exam requirements necessary. It saves time and hassle, and you’ll have great coverage from reputable companies.


Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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