Life Insurance For People With Lupus

Written by Jason Fisher

If you have lupus and life insurance is on your list to purchase, there is a chance you can find coverage, and at good rates, too. If you apply prepared and armed with all the details, this will greatly increase your chances. If you think that you can’t get life insurance coverage because of your pre-existing condition, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you’ve been denied coverage in the past, there are still several insurance options that you can choose form. If you are looking for other information such as for declining term life insurance, we are happy to answer what questions you may have and help you get the coverage you deserve. No matter if you are looking for a million dollar no exam life insurance policy or the best term life insurance for young people; we can help guide you in your search.

Life insurance is the best protection that you can buy for your family. It’s one of the only ways that you can ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of if you were to pass away. Because it’s such an important decision, you shouldn’t just buy the first plan you come to.

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life insurance for people with lupusLife insurance for people with lupus is underwritten fairly well from quite a few carriers, so getting paired with the appropriate company is key to a successful rating.

If you’re unsure of whether you can qualify, keep reading and we’ll break down the details of what an underwriter is most concerned with.

Life Insurance For People With Lupus

There are three main items an underwriter will focus on when determining eligibility of life insurance for people with lupus.

  • Diagnosis Dates
  • Severity/Control
  • Medications

The focus should also go primarily in this order.

If your diagnosis date is to close to the current date, you simply won’t be able to qualify yet; you’ll likely be granted a postponement. Your age at the date of your diagnosis is also very key. If the original diagnosis came too early in life, you will also not be able to qualify.

Because lupus is treatable to some extent, there are different levels of control and severity. It can affect many different parts of your body because some systems are dependent on each other, or it can fall into remission and not have any ill effects. Specifics here can make or break a good rating.

Your bill of health’s dependency on medications or supplements will also be a major player. In some instances, using particular medications will ruin your chances of qualifying at great rates because they prove the control of the lupus is not where it should be. There are many factors to consider while looking for insurance. Are you pregnant and wondering if you can get life insurance while pregnant? We can help you answer this question and help you to obtain the coverage you deserve.

The Specifics We Need To Get You Covered

Be prepared when you contact us with as much information as you can possibly put together. The more specifics we have, the greater accuracy we can pursue when providing you with a quote. Because we work with over 50 different companies, we have to abide by a large amount of underwriting guidelines and each company may ask for something different.

Here is what we require:

  1. Diagnosis (Month/Year)
  2. Age at Diagnosis
  3. Lupus Type
  4. Affected Areas
  5. Treatments
  6. Medications
  7. Severity
  8. Times of Remission
  9. Height
  10. Weight (you can still obtain life insurance if you’re overweight)
  11. Other Health Conditions  – such as kidney disease

This might seem like a bit of a laundry list of items, but the more we have in hand, the better job we can do for you.

Diagnosis – knowing the dates of diagnosis helps establish your history. If the lupus was diagnosed one year ago as opposed to five years ago, your rating could be twice as bad. For some insurance carriers, the time frame here establishes the best case scenario. A five year time frame could get you a rating of just Table B, while a shorter time frame could only get you as little as Table H.

Age at Diagnosis – if you were diagnosed with lupus before age 21, you will likely not be able to qualify for a traditionally underwritten policy. You will need to resort to a graded life insurance policy. If you’re between 21 and 45, you can qualify for a traditional term life insurance policy, based on your ability to qualify. At least 80% of those who are diagnosed with lupus fall in this age range.

Lupus Type

A. Systemic : affecting major organs and body parts
B. Discoid :  affecting only the epidermis

Systemic is considered the harsher type, while it can affect many different body parts which are required for normal body operation. If the extent of the lupus has hit things like respiratory or circulatory systems, you will have a very difficult time in qualifying, or be declined. If you can confirm systemic has been ruled out, a discoid type could get you a standard rating as the best case scenario.

Affected Areas – the zones where the lupus creates issues is a big concern. If the areas are very localized on the skin, you will be much more successful at securing a policy than if it’s made an impact on lungs, heart, kidneys and other major areas. Life insurance for people with lupus internally can be difficult if not impossible.

Treatments – the types of treatments (as well as when) is a necessary and key item in finding an affordable policy. If treatments were minimal and many years ago, this might afford you excellent rates, like standard. If you require on-going treatment right now, you could see harsh ratings.

Medications – while lupus is not curable, certain medications like steroids can help the body to fight off the symptoms. Knowing the medications you’re taking along with frequency and dosage is extremely crucial. An aggressive medication taken in high doses could force a decline.

Severity – although severity is largely subjective, a doctor’s records will indicate a lot in this arena. Obviously your treatments and medications will play a role in this as well. Less is always better.

Remission – if the lupus has ceased, even for a period of time, this will help you immensely. A remission not only proves a lower severity, but shows a high ability for your to fight the symptoms and overall condition. Life insurance for people with lupus which has subsided could help you get as high as standard or even standard plus rates! While this is pretty rare, it’s not impossible.

BMI – your height and weight aren’t a major factor in underwriting life insurance for people with lupus, but you need to remember your entire health profile is being reviewed, not just the lupus. A person with a healthy body weight is far more likely to cope with lupus symptoms than someone who is not well maintained.

Health Conditions – Just because you have maintained your lupus well doesn’t mean that high blood pressure or high cholesterol aren’t going to make matters worse. Any time a person has multiple health issues, the ratings get significantly more difficult. The insurance company is still going to be concerned with the rest of your health and how healthy you are overall.

Aside from following your doctor’s orders on managing your condition, there are several other ways that you can improve your chances of getting better rates and being approved for insurance coverage. The best ways are to stick to a healthy diet and start a workout plan. Both of these will help you lose any extra weight and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only will this improve your chances of getting coverage, but it can also help you get lower monthly premiums, which means more money in your pocket.

Working with Independent Agents

Trying to find the policy that fits your needs perfectly can be a frustrating process, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with lupus, but working with an independent agent can make the process easier and quicker. Instead of just working with on specific company, independent agents represent dozens of different companies. Not only can they give you quotes from dozens and dozens of companies, but they can also help pair you with the insurance company that has more experience dealing with applicants with lupus.

There are a lot of people that don’t fully understand how independent agents operate. All that you need to know is that they are one of the most useful tools for finding the perfect insurance policy, and you won’t have to pay them anything for their help. It’s a win-win.

Life insurance is one of the biggest purchases that you’ll ever make for the future of your loved ones. It’s important that you find a policy that fits your needs and gives your family the resources they need if anything tragic were to happen to you. Don’t leave your family with thousands of dollars in debt with no way to pay off those expenses.

If you are one who deals with lupus, let us help you. Understand we are experienced and independent agents working by your side. We have dealt with many high risk life insurance cases and are able to secure affordable life insurance where others have said only a decline is possible.

Feel free to contact us or obtain an initial quote to start the process.

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