Life Insurance Awareness Month: September 2013

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and we are doing our part to spread the word about life insurance. As our nation’s economy recovers, we are aiming to take back responsibility to the most essential part of our financial plans, life insurance.  Join us, this September, in spreading the word about



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What Is Life Insurance Awareness Month?

Life Insurance Awareness Month is the annual campaign to create awareness for Americans about their responsibility to own life insurance. Unfortunately, not enough families are protected despite the increasing affordability of life insurance.

By taking a step forward each September and focusing on spreading more attention towards life insurance, our industry is making progress in bringing awareness to why you may need life insurance, the importance of owning it, and the best way of getting coverage for yourself and your family.

LIFE Foundation

Coordinated by the LIFE Foundation each year, Life Insurance Awareness Month is a movement to promote not only knowledge, but action to close the gap on life insurance in America. Perhaps it is the perception of life insurance the public has, or the fear of the word insurance, but there are simply too many families who go without life insurance, and have to take on the burden of a lost loved one, both psychologically and financially.

Now is the time to protect your family. Don’t wait. Act now. Get


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The Celebrity History Of National Life Insurance Awareness Month

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