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Written by Jack Davis

Americans are notorious for wanting something right now! We procrastinate as long as possible, and when the buying moment hits, we want it and we want it now! Shopping for life insurance is no different! We get new clients every day because they buy life insurance online instantly! Sometimes, we don’t even get a phone.. More

The Maximum Life Insurance Coverage Amount

Written by Jack Davis

It is not uncommon that we are asked what the maximum life insurance coverage amount someone can apply for in life insurance coverage. While we can give some answers, it really depends on several different factors. In this article, we’ll help you to understand what factors are considered so you can best analyze your own situation. We.. More

We get a lot of comments about someone not needing life insurance until they are married, and why it’s not a smart way to allocate your money until you’ve said “I do.” Unfortunately, it’s a myth. I’m not saying it’s for every unmarried couple, but there are plenty of situations where it makes perfect sense!.. More

Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?

Written by Jason Fisher

There are too many times where people fight over which is best, term life insurance or whole life insurance. It’s been long debated, so today we’ll talk about a question from the other point of view, “Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?” The quick answer: sometimes not. Like any other type of insurance product, there.. More

Term life insurance comes in quite a lot of forms, and 25 year term life insurance is no different. The most common types of term life are 20-year and 30-year, but as consumers needs persistently change, more and more carriers are adopting new policies. A 25 year term life insurance product can fit a few different.. More

If you haven’t already read our first discussion on life insurance over 60 years old, you can find it here: Yes, You Can Still Get Term Life Insurance For Over 60 Years Old We had a lot of questions about our last topic covering term life insurance for over 60 years old in reference to.. More

Life insurance is one of the best purchases that you can ever make for the future of your loved ones. It’s one of the only ways that you can ensure that your family has the money that they need, regardless of what happens to you. Nobody wants to think about his or her own death,.. More

Life insurance is one of the best safety nets that you can ever buy for your family. It’s one of the only ways that you can ensure that they have the money that they need, regardless of what happens to you. There are millions of senior applicants that assume that they no longer need life.. More

When you are in the hunt for a life insurance policy, we know it’s not fun to think about life insurance rates. You also may not be willing to give up your information just to receive your life insurance quotes online. Well here’s a solution for you. Sample Term Life Insurance Rates Skip the process.. More

Are you over 40 years old and considering a purchase or change in your life insurance? You’re not alone. There are millions of people in their 40’s that are looking to find a quality and affordable life insurance policy. If this is your first time, or it’s been twenty years since you’ve purchased a life insurance.. More

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