Prostate Cancer Life Insurance

Written by Jason Fisher

Prostate Cancer Awareness

What are your options for life insurance with prostate cancer?

The numbers are pretty staggering for males who are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and life insurance quickly becomes a concern if it’s not already in place with such a difficult type of cancer.

Prostate cancer is not easily overlooked by life insurance companies, but it’s not impossible to find coverage.

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You can find life insurance after prostate cancer if you know which agents to work with, and which life insurance companies to apply to. There are even companies who can help you find life insurance coverage with Cerebral Palsy. Taking your time and doing your research might just yield you the policy you’re looking for, but it’s not guaranteed.

Read below to find out what you’ll need to know to have the best chance of success.

Prostate Cancer Life Insurance

First and foremost, timing is everything if you’re looking to apply for life insurance after prostate cancer. What this means is, depending on your age of diagnosis and age of recovery, as well as how long ago you dealt with prostate cancer, might be the greatest factor in determining whether you can get life insurance now, later, or never.

Second, you’ll need to know your numbers. From dates, to knowing your medical test levels, having accurate accounts of everything is going to help in not only getting you an accurate pre-qualification, but hopefully an approval as well!

Here are some things you’ll need readily available:

  • Classification
  • PSA
  • Gleason
  • Treatment

Along with your dates of diagnosis, treatment, and resolution, you need this information to make sure you have an accurate view of your health history when applying. Using an independent agent who can relay this to the correct departments to multiple life insurance carriers is imperative so you know you’re getting the right match for your personal situation.


The classification of the prostate cancer, otherwise called stage, is very important. There are four stages, numbered accordingly, 1 being the least threatening, and 4 being the most threatening. They are classified by how localized they are. A T1 or T2 has little to no spread throughout the body, where a T3 or T4 has moved through the body to another area, or even multiple areas.


Your PSA, or prostate specific antigen, is another piece of data the underwriters are going to want to know. Although the number itself is not a perfect determinant of prostate cancer, when coupled with any symptoms or other known levels, it may aid the underwriters in a more accurate rating for your situation. A number below 10 is considered a low risk, where over 20 is considered high risk.


The gleason score is a grade given from 1 to 5, and it is the measure of how aggressive the cancer is. 1 is the least aggressive, and 5 is the most aggressive. As with PSA, this score in and of itself is not going to give the underwriter enough information for an accurate rating, but is a common indicator when paired with all the other details in your file.

All these things put together, in addition to your current health profile from the carrier you choose, your driving record, your family history and other pieces of pertinent information are all going to be added together to decide if the carrier is going to issue you life insurance, and at what rating. Ratings can vary widely, which means your premium may vary quite a bit as well.

Maybe you’re worried because you have certain health conditions such as someone looking for life insurance with kidney disease or life insurance for overweight people. Let us answer what questions you may have and help you get the coverage you deserve.

Important Things To Know

Not everyone is going to be able to get life insurance after prostate cancer. Unfortunately, it’s a disease which does have an impact on life expectancy, so applying after prostate cancer, even if you’ve successfully won your battle, will not guarantee you coverage.

But, don’t be discouraged; unlike some other medical issues, sometimes you may not be able to get life insurance right now. Yet, you may be eligible in the coming years if you remain healthy.

If you’ve had prostate cancer, life insurance may be not be issued now but you could be granted a postponement. This means you simply need to have a designated number of years between the time of application and your last treatment. This time period can range from 2 years to 5 years, or even be a designated age you’ll need to hit, such as 65 or 70 years old. It depends on the carrier chosen, as well as the severity of your cancer.

Another important thing you’ll need to know is how your premium is structured. A company might offer you insurance, but adjust your premium for a certain number of years. This fee, called a flat fee, is a set amount above and beyond the normal premium for your policy for the duration of years the company deems you a high risk. It’s usually a certain number of dollars increase per thousand of coverage. The good news is, after the time period ends, this fee goes away, and your premium reduces down to the normal cost of the policy based on your age, rating, and face amount.

Preventative Care

One last thing which might aid your chances of a successful rating for life insurance after prostate cancer is having a good track record of preventative care. Regular check-ups, healthy habits and keeping on top of any scheduled maintenance by a doctor or specialist reflect well as you move forward.

The insurance company will not only be looking at your past history while you were fighting off the illness, but also what you’ve done since then and how you’re continuing to keep your current health bill clean. Remember, your entire physical and mental health matters just as much as the previous bout with prostate cancer, so any illness outside of the cancer could also be considered when you apply.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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