Can I Get Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer?

Written by Jason Fisher

life insurance after testicular cancer

If you are one of the thousands of men who has beat testicular cancer, you may be looking to rebound both physically and financially. Buying life insurance after testicular cancer is just one of those items you may be looking to purchase to protect your family, and yes, you can still get it.  You can even purchase life insurance with Cerebral Palsy or life insurance with COPD, so you do have options!

While you won’t be able to get the top tier rates, you can still buy life insurance after testicular cancer if you have been cancer free and have a good medical history since your diagnosis.

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Not all types of cancer will allow a person to get traditional term life insurance policies, but fortunately, testicular cancer is one type which has a higher success rate of recovery than some others.

If you are searching for life insurance after having testicular cancer, you’re in the right place. We understand that searching for life insurance with or without a health issue is a daunting task. That is why we are here to help you find the best coverage for your needs, whether that be a traditional policy, a no medical exam required policy or a guaranteed issue, we will help find you coverage.

Life insurance is one of the few ways you can ensure your loved ones will have the money they need, even if something tragic were to happen to you. A life insurance plan is the best safety net you can ever purchase for your loved ones, but you might be worried about getting coverage if you have had testicular cancer in the past. This article is going to show you how you can get quality insurance protection at an affordable price.

Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer

We’ve had a few questions lately in regards to finding affordable term life insurance after cancer, and the first question every man asks is, “Am I eligible?”

We’re going to field some of those questions today and you’ll see it’s hard to answer this question without asking a few other questions first. There are different types, various ages it occurs, and each man’s case is completely unique. You may be surprised to hear life insurance can be very affordable, even after cancer.

According to the Testicular Cancer Society,

Every year, in the U.S., an estimated 8500 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer and 350 die from the disease.

Because it’s a deadly disease in some cases, life insurance after testicular cancer is considered a high risk or impaired risk underwriting practice from life insurance companies. Cancer has no known cure, but testicular cancer is a very localized type of cancer if it’s detected early and treated effectively. Here are the different types of testicular cancer classifications:

  • Stage I: confined to the testis
  • Stage II: involved in local lymph nodes
  • Stage III: spread to additional lymph nodes
  • Stage IV: spread to distant lymph nodes or tissue, such as liver, lung or bone.

Each of the different stages would put you into a different starting point for determining a rating. A life insurance policy, without considering the discounted rates for those with superior health and family history, there are 13 qualifying ratings a person could be approved with. After testicular cancer, it is likely you’ll fall into one of these sub-standard classes.

After the type is known, the next questions have to do with the diagnosis itself:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • How old were you at diagnosis?
  • Which type of cancer did you have? (seminoma vs nonseminoma)
  • How were you treated?
  • How long did you undergo treatment?
  • What is the date of your last positive test for cancer?

This is where each man’s case starts to take shape for the underwriters. For some men, they were able to discover the cancer early, treatments may have been more minimal than others, and the cancer was eliminated fairly quickly without any return. In the opposite way, other men may have had a more sever case, requiring more intense treatments which were not as successful. The time frame in which all of this occurred is crucial.

Speaking of time frame, the date of your last positive test for any cancer cells is a determinant factor in eligibility as well. Most carriers are unlikely to even accept an application without a postponement until after 24 to 36 months has passed. The best ratings are usually given to those with up to 60 months of cancer free medical history.

Even if you are able to get past the guidelines for life insurance after testicular cancer, you still have to qualify medically based on the rest of your health. Life insurance after testicular cancer is hard enough to get, but if you deal with other issues as simple as blood pressure or cholesterol, you could see additional increases.

Your driving record, medical history, family history and doctor’s records all have an impact with life insurance.

There are several ways you can save money on your life insurance plans. One way is to cut out any tobacco you currently use. If you are a smoker or you use chewing tobacco, then you’re going to be facing drastically higher rates. Tobacco users pay at least twice as much for their insurance compared to how much non-smokers pay. If you use tobacco, you are going to face drastically higher premiums. As an applicant with a history of cancer, you’re already a high-risk applicant, being a smoker could cause the insurance company to view you as too risky.

One of the best ways to save money on your life insurance plan is to compare dozens of companies before you pick the best one for you. Every insurance company is going to view your history of cancer differently, which means you’ll get drastically different rates depending on the company you choose. It’s important you find a company who offers applicants with testicular cancer affordable rates. Finding the perfect company can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

One option for life insurance, regardless of your health or any severe health problems you have, there is always one options for coverage; guaranteed issue life insurance. As you can guess from the name, these plans are guaranteed acceptance. There is no health exam or medical questions asked. It sounds like an excellent opportunity, but there are some severe problems with these policies you should be aware of when you’re shopping around for life insurance.

One of the biggest disadvantages of guaranteed acceptance plans is they are going to be more expensive than a traditional policy with a medical exam. The more information the insurance company receives about you, the better the rates are going to be. Without the health information, the company is going to offset all of the unknown risk by charging drastically higher premiums.

Another drawback of these policies is the limit on coverage. Most companies will only allow you to purchase around $25,000 through a guaranteed acceptance plan. For most applicants, this is nowhere near enough life insurance coverage. Before you purchase one of these plans, calculate how much insurance your family would need. Not having enough life insurance could leave your family with leftover debts and expenses.

Getting Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer

We know shopping for life insurance can be a difficult task, but that’s why we are here to help. It’s our mission to ensure you’re getting the best plan available. Unlike a traditional insurance company, we are independent brokers. We don’t work with one single company. Instead, we can offer you quotes from dozens of quotes from various insurance companies. We can save you both time and money on your insurance search.
As we mentioned, it’s vital you find a company which will give you affordable coverage. There are thousands of companies out there, you could spend weeks calling companies. Don’t waste your time, let one of our agents do all of the work for you.

Don’t let testicular cancer stop your pursuit of life insurance. Contact us today and we’ll help you through the pre-screen and pair you with a company who is willing to offer your coverage at the lowest possible rates. We shop over 50 different companies on your behalf, so you can be sure you’re getting a top of the line deal.

Even if you’ve been declined for life insurance in the past, don’t assume you can’t get life insurance protection. Regardless of your health, there are still several options for protection. Not having coverage is one of the worst mistakes you can make for your family.

If you have any questions about getting life insurance after testicular cancer or the options available to you, please contact one of our agents today. We would love to answer those questions for you and find the best policy for you. Don’t wait another day to contact us and help you find a quality insurance policy.

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