Life Insurance With ADD or ADHD

Written by Jason Fisher

life insurance with add or adhdOne of the more common struggles we see for younger consumers is finding the best life insurance with ADD or ADHD.

Because it is a bit more recent than most other high risk health conditions we cover, the long term health effects are a little less established as well.

But be sure, finding life insurance with ADD or ADHD is not difficult, as long as you are using the right carrier. That’s how we benefit you.

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If another carrier has given you a less than favorable premium or rating, we can help you attempt to find a cheaper policy by using our expertise and resources we have access to from helping many others with the same predicament. If you feel a no medical exam required policy would be best for you, learn more about how to obtain a $1 million life insurance policy with no exam in our post.

Finding Affordable Life Insurance With ADD or ADHD

The name of the game in regards to securing the proper approval for life insurance with ADD or ADHD is company. For some reason, a few companies won’t offer discounted rates to someone with ADD or ADHD or any other “high risk” condition such as diabetes or life insurance coverage with liver disease, without regard to how it is controlled or affects daily life.

While Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are technically medical concerns at some level, they are in no way ones which affect mortality. Therefore, don’t settle for something less than a discounted rate (as long as the rest of your health also reflects those rates). Life insurance premiums are based almost entirely on age and health (and of course, size of the policy), and someone who only suffers from a little lack of concentration deserves excellent rates.

What is the best case scenario in finding life insurance with ADD or ADHD?

The best rates. Again, so long as your health is otherwise in good order, there’s no reason you can’t find an approval at the best rates available. Choosing the right company will definitely make this much easier, and we’re here to help you with that.

So what is all the fuss about?

Well, you CAN be declined for coverage, although it’s not technically a direct result from the ADD or ADHD. See, there are additional risk factors which can come into play when someone deals with ADD/ADHD. Here are a few things which could result in a less than favorable rating from your insurer:

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Criminal Record
  • Disability
  • Driving Record
  • Drug Abuse
  • and more…

See, while these don’t really seem to have all that much to do with ADD/ADHD, those who suffer tend to be more prone to these types of things because of their inability to focus. A young driver wtih ADD or ADHD is more prone to mistakes while driving because they may be less alert than their counterpart who is wide awake at the wheel.

Someone who is unable to work because they cannot complete tasks as needed to fulfill their duties may have such a severe case that an underwriter is unwilling to favorably rate them because of the disability.

It also goes without saying that anyone who is an abuser of drugs and alcohol will have a significantly harder time in finding the best rates. Someone who is affected by ADD or ADHD has a higher chance of these, when uncontrolled, than someone who is not.

Understand this:

If you have a simple case, see no daily impairments and are limited to mild medication for control, you deserve the best rates.

If this isn’t the case, talk to us first so we can ask you the right questions to further define your particular bout with ADD/ADHD. We’ll want to know things like:

  • Date of Diagnosis
  • Complexities
  • Impairments
  • Medications
  • Hospitalizations
  • Treatments Undergone
  • and more..

It might seem like one extra step, but it might just save you money in the long run, and that’s our goal. The more you save, the happier you’ll be.

Be sure to check out all of our posts in our Blog that could benefit you, from life insurance with different diseases, to how items on your medical history such as suicidal thoughts can affect your life insurance eligibility. We are here to help with any topic involving life insurance, so reach out to us today!

Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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