Life Insurance With Addison’s Disease

Written by Jason Fisher

Life Insurance With Addison's DiseaseFor someone looking for affordable life insurance with Addison’s Disease, it can get very frustrating very fast when you apply for coverage and never seem to get what you need. We understand there are other issues out there as well that are frustrating to try and find coverage, such as affordable life insurance with kidney disease,  getting term life insurance with no medical exam or life insurance with COPD.

We know how you feel.

Our clients come to us exhausted from the hoops they’ve had to jump through just to get approved at a bad rating, or sometimes, declined when they deserve better.

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At, we navigate the tough terrain for you, whether your case turns out to be simple or extremely complex.  There are also those cases out there that aren’t necessarily hard to close due to health issues, but to lifestyle choices, such as tobacco use or tying to purchase life insurance while using marijuana. Let us help you, too, by finding the best rates available to you from over 50 different carriers.

Getting The Best Life Insurance With Addison’s Disease

When it comes to buying life insurance with Addison’s Disease or any “high risk” condition such as diabetes or life insurance with liver disease, the number one key ingredient to getting the best possible rates (which means the lowest possible premiums) is finding the right carrier who is willing to offer you top rates despite you current or past health. What many consumers don’t know is, all carriers have their own set of guidelines they follow for each specific health condition, so each one may have a completely different result for you.

In order to get started searching through all these different carriers, there are certain questions we will ask you up front. Here are a few:

  • What is your date of diagnosis?
  • Have you been hospitalized?
  • What are the symptoms you experience, if any?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Have you had any adrenal crisis events?
  • What other health concerns do you have?

When dealing with life insurance for Addison’s Disease, the first question can be crucial as most life insurance carriers tend not to offer any coverage in the first few months after diagnosis. They prefer to wait 6 months or even a year until you’ve had ample time with your endocrinologist to get your levels under control.

Underwriters want to see a short history of well controlled and maintained symptoms, as well as no complication which required a change in medication or treatment regimen. Any hospitalizations will also potentially push back your possible available application date until there is stable medical records.

Can you obtain Standard rates with a traditional life insurance policy? Yes, absolutely.

Will everyone? No.

As long as the Addison’s is under control and you have no other medical history which would adversely affect your rating, you can get a Standard rate for your policy. However, with other medical concerns, even if they are of no relation to the Addison’s, you may see slightly worse ratings or even declines.

Your current list of symptoms will also have an impact, along with what medications you’re taking to combat both these and the underlying condition. Here are a few symptoms you’ll be asked about:

  • Pain in the back or extremities
  • Joint agitation
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • and more..

Ruling out these symptoms being a direct result of anything but the Addison’s is crucial. Any symptoms which are not a result of the Addison’s and are still unexplained from lab testing or diagnostic testing of any kind may leave too many unanswered questions for the underwriter forcing them no choice but to postpone or decline.

If you’ve had any difficulty finding life insurance with Addison’s Disease or you simply are exploring for the first time, please contact us with your questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to extend our expertise and experience your way to ensure you find the coverage you need at the most affordable price available.

Be sure to check out our Blog for more information on many different topics of life insurance coverage such as life insurance and alcohol, how different medications can affect your eligibility or how items on your medical history such as suicidal thoughts or attempts can classify you as high risk.

Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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