Life Insurance With Celiac Disease

Written by Jason Fisher

Celiac disease is an odd health concern when it comes to life insurance. Buying life insurance with celiac disease is not a great concern to most carriers, but for some reason, there are only a handful who will still offer discounted rates.

If you deal with celiac disease and you’re considering buying a life insurance policy, be sure to read this first; it may just save you a lot of premium dollars down the road!

The Life Insurance Blog specializes in finding many suitable options for life insurance with many different types of additional risk, whether it’s issues such as kidney diseaseCOPD, or lifestyle choices such as trying to find life insurance coverage while using marijuana or occupation related issues.

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More Affordable Life Insurance With Celiac DiseaseLife Insurance With Celiac Disease

Not long ago, we had a young lady contact us for answers in her recent purchase. She had bought her life insurance through the same carrier she had her car and homeowner’s insurance through already. She applied at the best rates, per her agents recommendation, as she was in excellent health.

Not only was her health excellent, her family history was clean and her driver’s record had no hiccups whatsoever. She was what seemed like, on the surface at least, an obvious Preferred or Preferred Best rating.

Unfortunately, the insurance company came back with a Standard Table 2 offer instead. This new rating would have made her policy nearly twice as much as the Preferred rating she was expecting, and it was due to celiac disease.

Is celiac disease a life threatening one?

Not typically, no. However, those who deal with the many complications stemming from celiac disease, if not treated or taken care of through diet, could develop other health conditions which could diminish the life span. Those who suffer from celiac disease are much more prone to additional medical concerns which hurt the body’s immune system or healthy cells. These include:

In these instances, the celiac disease is not nearly as much of a concern as the possibility of a disease like diabetes or liver disease developing or worsening. For this fact alone, most carriers aren’t willing to do any better than a Standard rating.

In addition, most insurance companies want to see some sort of medical history where your celiac disease was not a concern. This period is typically one year, and the requirement is little to no symptoms, a strict diet, and no hospitalizations.

Can someone do better than Standard for life insurance with celiac disease?

Yes. In the case of the above young lady, we were able to find her a policy at Preferred, and we had more than one company willing to issue this health class. Keep in mind, she had 3 1/2 years worth of time without a single issue arising from the celiac diease, and she had been diagnosed over 4 years from the time of application.

She was free of any other health concerns, like diabetes, and her family history was free of heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

What about situations where there are complications?

For those who haven’t yet gotten clear of the symptoms of celiac disease, or those who deal with a secondary health concern, may have a little more difficulty securing excellent rates. Time frame also matters, so applying inside the one year mark of diagnosis could get a little tricky, although it’s not impossible.

With hospitalizations, unclear diagnoses, or required treatment directly attributed to the celiac disease, a postpone is probable, meaning you’ll need to wait a designated time frame before you can apply. Remember, a postpone is not a decline.

Health conditions in addition to the celiac disease will be underwritten per the guidelines of the health concern itself, so keep that in mind as well.

Let Us Simplify The Process

At The Life Insurance Blog, we’re an independent agency, so we don’t represent just one carrier, but many!

Our process is unique because we can pre-screen you up front, ask many different carriers for probable health ratings even before application, and even go back and forth between carriers if absolutely necessary. This means only one physical (if even required at all)! Our accuracy is second to none! No matter if you need $100,000 of coverage or want to find affordable million dollar life insurance; we can help.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find life insurance with celiac disease today.

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