Finding Cheap Personal Life Insurance

Written by Jason Fisher

personal life insurance

Buying life insurance is easier than any other type.

In the past, trying to find cheap personal life insurance meant browsing through phone books, calling agents all around town, or hiring a broker who could help you out. While an independent broker was simplest, you still had to trust what he had for you was the best available.

In 2014, it’s even simpler and more transparent than ever before. You can find personal life insurance in minutes directly over the internet, and you can buy from the comfort of your own home.

Shopping Hack: Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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You also have resources like our blog, where you can browse through any type of medical condition to find out what kinds of speed bumps you may endure along the way. Are you wondering if you can qualify for life insurance if you’re overweight or getting life insurance while pregnant? We can answer these questions and help you find the coverage you deserve.

When you do get a quote, systems like ours show you the most reputable insurance carriers, so you can be certain you have access to exactly what your agent does.

Cheap Personal Life Insurance

Life insurance is not fun by any means, so finding cheap personal life insurance can at least soften the blow of having to pay for it. Any way you can make the process seamless helps, and having the confidence you’re buying the most affordable policy on the market will keep the buyer’s remorse at bay.

Here’s what you should target when looking to buy life insurance in 2014:

  • Free Quotes
  • Comprehensive List
  • Fast Application Process
  • Privacy

Never pay to get life insurance quotes. Whether it be online or paying for an advisers time, don’t do it. It’s shocking someone is charging consumers for life insurance quotes when they’re completely free from hundreds of websites. If you’re ever asked for any kind of payment other than to pay for the life insurance policy through the insurance company directly, stop in your tracks.

Yes, you can get a life insurance quote from your local P&C shop. But, they’re probably going to give you just one or a very small sample of carriers which they already work with. It may or may not be the best solution for you, so wouldn’t you like to know for sure? Using a quote system like ours compares 50+ of the top carriers immediately so you can take advantage of every bit of savings available to you. If you find a carrier or two you don’t care for, you can skip right over them, but at least you know you had the options.

A fast application process will greatly reduce not only the time it takes to get your coverage in place, but can save you quite the headache, too. Paper applications are always available, but do you want to deal with them? Some people prefer to just quickly fill out an online application and never pick up a pen. This actually speeds up processing time by several days if you’re working with an internet friendly company. We’ve seen applications be processed in less than an hour, and go directly to the underwriting process.

Perhaps the most important aspect of finding personal life insurance, though, is doing so where you know your information is safe. There are plenty of websites which prowl for information in every single industry, and unfortunately, insurance is not exempt. Never give more information to a website than you’d give to a complete stranger on the road. Things like e-mail and phone number should be the most you’re ever required to give when getting a quote, because obviously someone may need to speak with you about your inquiry. Until you are filling out an application, do NOT give personal information, bank information, or beneficiary information to anyone.

Personal life insurance is easier to purchase than ever before, and we’d like to help you through our process so we can show you how fast, convenient, and private it can be. We’ll show you exactly what we see, from insurance company profiles and their ratings, to costs of each policy at every duration. We believe if we can give you the maximum amount of information under completely transparent conditions, we can gain your trust in the long run.

Contact us today for a free quote over the phone, or click the picture below to get an instant life insurance quote without ever having talked to an agent.


Compare Life Insurance Policies From 12+ Companies
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