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Principal No Exam Life Insurance Review

Written by The Life Insurance Blog

Life insurance is a key component of most any overall financial plan. One reason for this is because the proceeds from a life insurance policy may be used by survivors for paying off debts, continuing their ongoing living expenses, or even ensuring that a child or a grandchild has the money they need to attend.. More

Impaired Risk Life Insurance Companies

Written by Jason Fisher

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who would be classified as an impaired risk when applying for life insurance, you should know each company will evaluate you differently. There are a lot of impaired risk life insurance companies, but they don’t have the exact same underwriting practices. Some could view heart issues.. More

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you crave an intense adrenaline rush? Is an extreme sports activity just another Saturday to you? If you’re involved in extreme sports, life insurance may be a little harder for you to get, and unfortunately many do not realize this, but it is looked upon as a high risk,.. More

High risk life insurance is basically life insurance for people with health problems of many different kinds. It ranges greatly in how severe a persons condition is, but requires a more detailed underwriting process. In order to get accurate quotes, you need to use an independent life insurance agent to ensure you’re matching yourself with.. More

Life Insurance Rates by Age

Written by The Life Insurance Blog

Life Insurance premiums are based on two major factors: your age and health. All other factors being equal, the younger you are, the cheaper your life insurance policy will be. Don’t worry, if you don’t consider yourself “young” it’s still possible to get cheap life insurance. Therefore, if you don’t already have life insurance, the most.. More

Can I Get Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer?

Written by Jason Fisher

If you are one of the thousands of men who has beat testicular cancer, you may be looking to rebound both physically and financially. Buying life insurance after testicular cancer is just one of those items you may be looking to purchase to protect your family, and yes, you can still get it.  You can.. More

We get a lot of comments about someone not needing life insurance until they are married, and why it’s not a smart way to allocate your money until you’ve said “I do.” Unfortunately, it’s a myth. I’m not saying it’s for every unmarried couple, but there are plenty of situations where it makes perfect sense!.. More

When all you want to do is protect your family with life insurance and bankruptcy has slowed you down in the past, you may be wondering what type of an affect this can have when you apply. Is bankruptcy going to be discovered if you apply? Yes. Can it affect your possible approval? Maybe. While.. More

Best No Exam Life Insurance Companies

Written by Jason Fisher

There are only a select few of no medical exam life insurance companies. They quite literally mean they will offer you life insurance coverage, and there is no medical exam of any kind in order to purchase it. This doesn’t mean you can still apply in bad health, it just means you can have your life.. More

North American No Exam Life Insurance Review

Written by The Life Insurance Blog

If there are people in your life that you care about, then it’s likely that you should have at least some life insurance coverage. That is because life insurance can help to ensure that those we care about won’t have to suffer financial hardship at an already difficult time in their lives. If you have.. More

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