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While you’re facing an excruciating time as you’ve lost a family member, you now have a lot of decisions to make: funeral arrangements, settling estate concerns, and immediate family needs. You may also now be dealing with life insurance proceeds if the deceased had a life insurance policy at the time they passed. You may.. More

Psychologically, humans are programmed for instant gratification. So, who buys life insurance? Let’s be honest, it’s not the average American searching for instant gratification, or someone looking to make a fun and exciting purchase. Not buying life insurance could be one of the worst mistakes that you ever make.

The thought of dying is an unpleasant one, yet life insurance for parents plays a mandatory role for most Americans. A small percentage of people ever even use a term life insurance policy, but for the times it’s needed, it’s truly a life saver for those left behind. When parents buy life insurance, they’re not doing for.. More

Did you know what you eat can have an impact on your rates for life insurance? It’s true, your diet can affect life insurance rates to the point of not being able to get covered! Food and drinks you consume have short term and long term effects on your health, some good and some bad… More

It’s not incredibly uncommon, when applying for maximum life insurance coverage, to get approved other than applied. This means you applied at one rate, but got something different instead. It could have been a better rate, but usually it’s the other way around and the policy you applied for comes with a different sticker price… More

Retirement Life Insurance

Written by Jason Fisher

Have you or your spouse wondered about whether or not you really need retirement life insurance lately? It’s a very common question for retirees and pre-retirees to discuss amongst themselves and their financial advisors, and for a good reason. Is it the right time to let go of life insurance altogether or is it time.. More

Do you have enough coverage? Do you have the right type of coverage? Are you paying the lowest possible premium? If you can’t answer these three simple questions with a resounding “Yes!” then you might want to conduct a quick life insurance review to make sure you’ve got exactly what you need, nothing more or.. More

Americans buy and sell, on average, seven different homes or properties throughout their life. They move through as many careers in their lifetime as well, especially the younger generation. Insurance products sometimes need to be changed as well, for a couple reasons. But, it’s not always advantageous for a consumer to make a change. A.. More

Life insurance isn’t just for the working years of your life. It does much more than replace income to your family. Life insurance for retirement is all about leverage. There are so many ways to leverage your assets and income using life insurance, and the concepts are simple. The hardest part about some of these.. More

Buying a home? Just bought a home? If you don’t have life insurance for mortgage protection, you may be doing yourself and your family a great service by considering it sooner than later. It’s one of the largest debts an American family will take on, so you have a great responsibility in protecting your family.. More

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