Buying Term Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

Written by Jason Fisher

life insurance with hepatitis c

If you are a person with Hepatitis C, and you’re looking for life insurance, there are specific things which underwriters will need to know when reviewing whether or not to offer you affordable coverage. In some cases, you may find a policy which is right for your situation, however you could also be declined.

Luckily, we can help you have the best possible chances of buying term life insurance with Hepatitis C. The process is more in depth than a person who is healthy, but with a little patience, we can help match you with a carrier who is willing to be more aggressive.

We understand that finding a life insurance policy with health concerns or not can be a dauting task. We are here to help you find the coverage you need whether that includes a traditional policy, a no medical exam policy, a guaranteed issue policy or even life insurance with Cerebral Palsy, we will help you find the coverage you need.

If you need life insurance today and Hepatitis C is a concern, read on to discover what we’ll be asking you for before you apply.

Buying Term Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

Whether this is your first time trying to buy term life insurance with Hepatitis C or you’ve been declined before now, we can probably help you. If you were declined, it’s likely you weren’t matched correctly with the right company from the start. This can sometimes make all the difference in a great rating, and failing to get approved.

Before we help you apply, we’re going to ask some very pointed questions to identify your situation as best as possible. This will not only help us provide you with the best, most accurate quote, but also give you realistic expectations so you can be prepared before applying. Here are some of those questions:

  1. What was your date of diagnosis?
  2. When were your last liver enzyme tests? What were the results?
  3. Was a liver biopsy part of your last test? If so, what were your results?
  4. Have you ever tested positive for cirrhosis?
  5. Do you use any alcohol?
  6. Are you prescribed regular taken medications?
  7. What other areas of your health are a concern?

When you apply for life insurance, your overall health tied with your past history will determine a rating. If your rating is good, it affords you a cheaper policy, but if you are rated too severely, you might get denied.

Your diagnosis dates are key, as with most major health conditions, because it can give the underwriters a better idea of how long you’ve been able to maintain with your Hep C, or if you’ve been unsuccessful at keeping it at bay. If your health is stable, and a history is well established, you can expect better rates than a newly diagnosed case of Hepatitis where treatment is not yet regimented.

Your liver enzyme tests and any biopsy examinations performed are your major benchmarks when buying term life insurance with Hepatitis C, so having these numbers as regular and maintained as possible are absolutely key to getting coverage. Some carriers will not even review a case if the numbers are too far askew.

Your history with alcohol or recreational drugs can also play a major factor in your ability to qualify. If there is a history of drug or alcohol abuse, you might find it very difficult to get covered, especially without a harsh rating or flat extra fee. Both of these “penalties” will end up costing you a hefty amount.

Applying for term life insurance with Hepatitis C is three basic steps:

  • Complete a pre-screen for evaluation and accurate quote
  • Apply with the correct life insurance company
  • Complete the medical and be patient

Most other life insurance agents won’t pre-screen you. They’ll offer the best quote they can find as fast as possible. While they think they’re doing you a service, it’s a setup for failure. The pre-screen for impaired risk life insurance is perhaps the most key element. If we don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with, and you end up applying with the wrong carrier, the entire process was a waste.

If you have Hepatitis C and you’re looking for life insurance, or have already been declined for life insurance, contact us and we’ll be happy to take you through our process. Our process is very seamless and thorough, and you can expect us to be open and honest about your possible insurability. If we don’t think you can be approved, we’ll tell you.

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