So your lender wants you to use a collateral assignment of life insurance in order to get a loan? This is not uncommon at all for small business owners who are looking to gain access to additional (or start-up) capital for their growing business. A collateral assignment of life insurance sounds like a mean pile.. More

Nobody wants to think about anything tragic ever happening to them, but you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Since you can’t predict the future, it’s important that you’ve planned for the worst. One of the best ways to do that is by purchasing life insurance. When you apply for life insurance, the company.. More

Americans are notorious for wanting something right now! We procrastinate as long as possible, and when the buying moment hits, we want it and we want it now! Shopping for life insurance is no different! We get new clients every day because they buy life insurance online instantly! Sometimes, we don’t even get a phone.. More

Buying life insurance for young adults is a critical step in financial planning, and for many different reasons. Did you know you can buy life insurance if you’re pregnant or life insurance with lupus?  It’s super affordable, a person is more likely to be healthy at a younger age, and a young adults human capital is.. More

Life Insurance For Cigar Smokers

Written by Jason Fisher

Having trouble finding the best life insurance for cigar smokers? If so, you’ve made it to the right place. Affordable life insurance is what we do best. Cigar smoking is one of those middle ground or grey areas for some insurance carriers, where some are strict and some are liberal in their underwriting practices. Many factors are.. More

Term life insurance comes in quite a lot of forms, and 25 year term life insurance is no different. The most common types of term life are 20-year and 30-year, but as consumers needs persistently change, more and more carriers are adopting new policies. A 25 year term life insurance product can fit a few different.. More

This is the second installment in our Life Insurance for Moms series. If you haven’t read the first, please click the link below to view it: Life Insurance For Moms: Non-Negotiable? Becoming a new parent isn’t just a day, or event: it’s a complete change in lifestyle, a change in direction for your life, and.. More

If you haven’t already read our first discussion on life insurance over 60 years old, you can find it here: Yes, You Can Still Get Term Life Insurance For Over 60 Years Old We had a lot of questions about our last topic covering term life insurance for over 60 years old in reference to.. More

This is the third installment in our Life Insurance for Moms series. If you haven’t read the first few, please click the link below to view it: Life Insurance For Moms: Non-Negotiable? Life Insurance For New Parents: A Must Have Not everything goes right in every relationship, and sometimes there’s even a child or children involved… More

One of the most memorable days of your life as a mother will probably be the day you became one. Having your first child, and the subsequent children as well, will probably be forever enshrined in your memory, and there’s a good chance you will always be able to recapture the moment in your mind’s.. More

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